Vanessa Lopez

Co-Founder of the Alliance for Hispanic Commercial Contractors and
the Underwriting Director,The Barbour Group, LLC.

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About the Speaker

Profession: Underwriting Director
Company: The Barbour Group, LLC

Vanessa Lopez is a Co-Founder of the Alliance for Hispanic Commercial Contractors (AHCC) and the Underwriting Director for The Barbour Group, LLC.  She began her accounting career working for a local commercial contractor for 14 years.  For more than seven years, Vanessa worked an auditor for a local CPA firm, specializing in construction accounting.  She is a certified expert in Quick Books and is adept at several computer software programs geared for the construction industry.  Leaving the CPA firm to form her own company, Ledger Consulting, she serviced the accounting needs of a broad range of clientele.  The Barbour Group sought out her assistance on an account in need of a $5 million bond.  Their cost accounting module was not working.  Vanessa quickly remedied the issue and helped them prepare an internally based financial statement.  Given that the contractor was able to now reflect profitable operations, their bond was approved.  Surety companies respect Vanessa’s work and see her as highly ethical and as an advocate for small business.  The Barbour Group, LLC is honored to have her leadership.  Vanessa spends a lot of her time as a case manager for AHCC providing sage advice to its members.  AHCCs purpose is to promote the growth, prosperity, and participation of Hispanic Commercial Contractors in commercial and government procurement contracts through education, training, and guidance.  Membership and interactive training are the forefronts of its mission to enable success and competitive fairness to grow the Hispanic owned commercial construction firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.