Deborah Owens

Financial Expert, Author, Entrepreneur

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About the Speaker

Profession: CEO and Founder

Company: WealthyU

Deborah Owens is a financial expert, author, media personality and nationally recognized public speaker. She is on a mission to close the wealth gap for women and minorities. Deborah is a financial expert and sought after speaker and a contributor to NPR, TVOne, CNN, ABC, Sirius XM where she provides actionable strategies to help people of all incomes build wealth.


Ms. Owens is also CEO and Founder of WealthyU, which creates customized financial wellness programs utilizing its’ proprietary coaching and training framework; The Seven Wealthy Habits.™


Ms. Owens is a 20-year financial services industry veteran, former vice president for Fidelity Investments and management consultant with Allstate Insurance.


Ms. Owens is the recipient of the AAUW Women of Distinction Award, Allstate’s From Whence We Came Award, Heart and Soul Magazine Women of Distinction in Finance Award.


She holds a Master of Business Administration from Loyola University of Maryland.


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