Angela Hawkins

Retired EO/MBE Administrator

Angela Hawkins

About the Speaker

Profession: Retired
Company:  Retired

Angela Hawkins is a true Baltimorean – born, reared, educated and employed within the city.


After graduating from Frederick Douglas High School in 1950, Angela walked two additional blocks away from the school to attend Coppin State Teachers College.  She graduated in 1963 with a BS Degree in Elementary Education.  Angela’s professional career can be summarized as follows:


  • 5 years as an Elementary School Teacher
  • 10 years as a Social Worker
  • 16 years as an Equal Opportunity Administrator

In 1996, she retired.


During her tenure as an EO/MBE Administrator, Angela  held positions at the Maryland Transportation Authority (formerly called Toll Facilities Administration), MDOT Headquarters and the State Highway Administration.  Her most notable achievements were the development of the first EO/MBE programs at the Toll Authority and the joint effort with colleagues to overhaul the MBE program at SHA.


As a retiree, Angela has fulfilled her passion for travelling and for playing penny slot machines all across the nation.  She gains sheer joy from her interactions with her grandchildren, Alicia and Lenny, who are parented by her 2 adult children Tony and Nicole.


If asked what she wants her life legacy to be, Angela would give you the words of one of her favorite hymns, “May the Work I’ve Done Speak for Me!”